About Us

BLACKGOLD Supply Co. started in the heart of the Bakken in Williston, North Dakota. It was there, working 16 hour days for 2-week stretches that we learned the true meaning of quality over quantity. Days off means something different when you spend your hitches doing dirty, damn-hard work.

Most people can’t cut it in an industry where “9-5” isn’t an option. After a combined 15+ years in the industry, we figured out that the Fire Resistant gear we were required to wear for safety wasn’t cutting it either - so we set out to create something better.  It took us two years and going through four different suppliers to get the quality product we were searching for.

Being part of the oil industry for more than a decade has given us the opportunity to experience first-hand the level of pride people put into their work - and what’s required to do that work safely. Our goal is to provide a product that works just as hard as you do. BLACKGOLD Supply Co. clothing is safe, stylish and won’t cost you your whole paycheck.