Our Gear

Years of research and development have gone into our Blackgold FRC Collection. We've worked tirelessly to develop an FR line that functions well and looks great on and off the job. 

We have developed several multi-hazard arc and flame resistant garments, which solves the age old problem of FRC being boring.

Our gear is UL certified for NFPA 2112 compliance for protection against flash fire (oil and gas industries). It is compliant to OSHA 1910.269 and NFPA 70E compliant for protection against electrical arc (utility, electrical, manufacturing). More importantly all our FRC products are made here in the USA.


Blackgold garments will remain flame resistant for the life of the garment provided they are cared for properly. Our wash instructions are quite simple and mostly require that you leave out extra chemicals during the laundering process. Blackgold FR® garments can be home laundered, dry cleaned and industrial laundered.


Arc and flame clothing should be cleaned if they are soiled with contaminants or flammable material. All materials influencing flammability must be washed off the garments. Stains have no measurable impact and are considered safe. Do not be afraid to wash your Blackgold arc & flame resistant clothing, frequent washing is recommended to avoid soiling and to maintain peak flame resistant properties. (ASTM F2757)

Blackgold Care Label:

Inside each garment you will find a care label which calls out simple wash instructions.

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Use soft powder or liquid laundry detergent.

Do not use: bleach, fabric softeners, starch, lye based soap, open steam or products containing hydrogen peroxide.




A supplement to Blackgold FR brand clothing where the international symbol for “read use instructions before use” is on the label.



Read this user information carefully before carrying out activities that involve certain risks of serious injury or death. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the provided information so that your Blackgold FR brand protective clothing will provide the intended level of protection. All instructions provided, both below and in the garment label, are intended to familiarize the wearer of the abilities and limitations of the clothing and to minimize harm from a thermal exposure.

  • Blackgold FR clothing protects industrial personnel from the threat of electrical arc flash and short-term duration thermal exposure from flash fire.
  • It is important to know that no garment can eliminate or prevent all risk of burn injury.
  • When worn properly, Blackgold FR clothing can minimize the extent of burn injury.


Blackgold FR clothing is constructed from arc and flame-resistant fabric and components. It will resist ignition and will not continue to burn when the ignition source is removed. It is intended to minimize the extent of a burn injury during short term exposure to flame and electrical arc.

The wearer should try to remove themselves as quickly as possible from the area where the incident has occurred to minimize burn injury.

The clothing must be correctly matched to the risk or threat the wearer may encounter and must be worn with all closures secured closed.

Blackgold FR clothing is secondary personal protection and is intended to be worn on a continuous basis in environments where incidental exposure to electrical arc, heat and flame is possible. It is not intended to be worn for fire entry, structural or wildlands firefighting or other activities involving extended exposure to flame or heat. It is not intended to protect the wearer from physical trauma or burns in the immediate areas of exposure. This garment does not provide personal protection from chemical exposures or molten metal splash.

Only those persons who are properly trained and understand the requirements for use and care of the garment are qualified to wear it. The garment should not be worn until the user has read and understands all warnings and information in this User Information Guide.



  • ARC Rating (ATPV) - 8.9 CAL/CM2
  • HRC/ARC Level 2
  • NFPA 70E Compliant
  • NFPA 2112 Compliant
  • OSHA 1910.269
  • OSHA 1910.960
  • Meets ASTM F1506
  • NESC 2012